Chocolate’s Fix.

The tasty chocolate classics you once loved as a kid are filled with anything but wonder these days. High fructose corn syrup, colors made of chemicals, and factory-made flavors candy coat each bite.

LITTLE SECRETS® is here to provide Chocolate’s Fix with the ingredients you love, the flavor you crave, and zero of the conscience-busting bad stuff.

How We're Fixing Chocolate:


Fair Trade is a global movement putting people and planet first.

No Artificial Flavors

Our mind-blowingy delcious flavors come from real, recognizable ingredients.

No artificial colors

Our vibrant colors come from natural sources - no artificial dyes here.​

No high fructose corn syrup

Our products are sweetened naturally with real cane sugar.


Little Secrets was created to fill a void in the sweet tooth of founder Chris Mears.

Chris realized that if he wanted to enjoy the confectionary style of chocolate treats that we all love from childhood, it meant he couldn’t also choose a natural, fair trade certified product.

So with more than a decade in the food industry already under his belt, Chris founded Little Secrets, and now… we’re fixing chocolate.

Little Secrets was created to fill a void in the sweet tooth of founder Chris Mears.

In 2014, Chris realized he wasn’t able to enjoy his favorite, nostalgic chocolates without also consuming unwanted chemicals, high fructose corn syrup and a bunch of ingredients seemingly impossible to pronounce. With virtually no clean ingredient alternatives, Chris set out to fix his favorite chocolates and give them a more sophisticated taste.

Today, Little Secrets is reinventing your childhood chocolate favorites by creating mind-blowingly delicious, premium versions of the classics. All of our products are made with Fair Trade chocolate, the highest quality ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors or corn syrup while still delivering on nostalgic deliciousness. We’re Fixing Chocolate.

Proudly Based in Boulder, CO.

Available on Amazon This Summer, Ships With Ice Packs!

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