Chocolate Fixed

The knock-off that broke the candy mold.

Big Chocolate has Big Problems

  • Broken Supply Chain: Child labor, unfair wages, unsustainable farming practices
  • Scary Ingredients: Big chocolate companies don’t use real chocolate in their products, and fill their products with artificial ingredients, fillers and flavors that taste nothing like the real thing
  • Plastic: Outdated flavors wrapped in outdated packaging materials, big chocolate's wrappers use millions of tons of virgin, new plastic product each year + filling our oceans

How We’re Fixing It

Sustainable Cocoa
Non-GMO Ingredients
Less Sugar, Secretly
No Artificial Flavors or Colors
No Sugar Alcohols
Post-Consumer Recyclable Packaging
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Our Commitment

  • Reinvent unique, chocolate classics and innovate new products that are way more delicious than the original with 30% less sugar
  • Achieve Non-GMO verifications for products that are not approved today (100% of products commitment by 2025)
  • Transition to fully recyclable / compostable packaging by 2025

We Want to Hear From You

How is chocolate broken for you? We’d love to hear your ideas what we should fix next so you can get your Chocolate’s Fix.

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3 Rules of Little Secrets

  • Chocolate is a simple joy in life, so enjoy it without the guilt
  • The best-tasting chocolate is made without conscience-busting ingredients
  • Sharing is always optional because no one can tell you how to eat.