Top 5 Places to Hide Chocolate - for your kids, or from your kids

Whether you are looking for top notch hiding spots to stash plastic eggs full of yummy chocolates this easter, or looking to stow treats away for yourself, we've got you covered. At Little Secrets we believe that sharing is always optional so here are 5 ways to hide your stash - whether you share it, or not!
  1. VEGETABLE DRAWER: You know your kids will never look there as much as you wish they would, but this cool hiding spot is the perfect spot to stash your Little Secrets away from the kids.
  2. SHOES: This adorable spot is destined to bring a smile to your kiddos faces when they try to put their shoes on and get to the egg hunt.
  3. MAILBOX: Your kids may think you’re giving them extra chores by asking them to get the mail on Easter, but will be pleasantly surprised to find a stash of eggs filled with sweet treats...Little Secrets Chocolates of course. 
  4. YOUR DESK: If you are anything like us, you are spending a lot of time at your desk at home, and what better place to stash some treats than right there! Reward yourself for finishing that report or for having only two cups of coffee with Little Secrets Mini Crispy Wafers (the perfect size for a mid day reward!)
  5. EGG CARTON: Don’t throw away that egg carton from last week just yet! This year sneak a few easter eggs with extra special treats in the carton and put it back in the fridge. This one is guaranteed to stump even the biggest eggs-perts.

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